Get to Know Radiate Fitness

“Helping women radiate fitness,
from the inside out”

We help women transform their lives and feel their most fit and confident through online personal training, nutrition coaching & a supportive community.

Our Story

One Friday morning, Devin and Kara sat in a coffee shop to discuss their individual businesses and to help each other brainstorm. Friends for over a year, they often met to chat about about business, training philosophy, and life. They shared the same values for fitness, nutrition, and in how they treated their clients.

Devin had owned a gym in town since 2014, and was happy to share local insights, as well as exercise science tips. Kara had a newer personal training business, but she had unique perspectives and experiences from a prior business in Canada.

This particular Friday, Kara came to Devin with a plans for a new business – one focused on online personal training and coaching. More than just workouts, it would be an experience. Devin would write the personalized workouts, and Kara would coach women every step of the way.

Yes, the new business would provide women with expert personal training, but most importantly, it would help women feel wonderful.

More than healthy and fit – confident, proud, and, well, Radiant. Healthy in body, and healthy in mind.

Quickly, Devin was all-in on Radiate Fitness. They agreed to found the business together, and hit the ground running. The unfortunate spread of COVID-19 led them to launch earlier than planned.

The goal: to build a warm, supportive community for women during challenging times.

Currently, the Radiate crew continues to grow. Devin and Kara are excited to reveal what the future has in store. They enjoy working with their many clients already and can’t wait to coach clients worldwide.


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What We Do

Online Personal Training & Fitness Coaching

Get in the best shape of your life at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer.

We work with beginners, pregnant women, moms, and even other personal trainers to help them get strong and fit.


  • Free training app to learn proper technique, follow along with workouts, and receive coaching
  • 100% customized routines for strength training, fitness, and flexibility based on exercise physiology
  • Individual assessment to discuss goals, training preferences, and medical history

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Health & Nutrition Coaching

Our nutrition & health coaching is based on 4 Principles:


Our clients learn about healthy eating and become empowered to make their own choices.


Many of our clients come to us to keep them accountable to their goals. We do so through structured check-ins, skillful coaching, and dedicated support.


We don’t believe in the “quick-fix mentality”.

We only teach our clients methods that they can stick with for the next 10+ years. This way, we’re making changes that last a lifetime.


Hey, we love pizza, cake, and cookies, too!

There are no “bad foods” here. Our clients learn to let go of guilt, shame, and judgment regarding food and to embrace a joy of health-full eating.


Ongoing Support

We invite women together from all over the world into our supportive community. We encourage and motivate each other to work towards our most radiant and healthy selves.

It’s an open space for you to get help with your concerns, overcome challenges, and celebrate your successes.

You will always feel supported, and will never feel alone, on your journey with us.

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Meet Your Coaches

Kara Soucy, CPT

Kara Soucy, CPT

Co-Founder, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach

Born and raised in Canada, Kara has been passionate for fitness & nutrition for over 10 years. She took her passion to the next level as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer shortly after moving to New England in 2018.

Kara has her own in-home mobile training company, where she brings fitness to the comfort and convenience of clients’ homes.

She is an AFPA Certified Nutrition Coach and previously ran an experiential events company that focused on nutrition education. In university, Kara taught both bootcamp and zumba classes.

She is inspired to help her clients fall in love with a “healthier them” and to truly feel confident and fit – from the inside out!

Kara herself loves to stay fit, spend time with her husband Nate & dog Kota, cook healthy recipes, and share about her faith.


Kara, Nate, and Kota

Baby Soucy coming 2020

Devin Gray, CSCS

Devin Gray, CSCS

Co-Founder, Strength Coach, Pre- & Post-Natal Fitness Specialist

A personal trainer since 2011, Devin has coached over 10,000 personal training sessions. He opened his own personal training studio in 2014.

Devin was the cast trainer for the 20th Century Fox film, “New Mutants“. He worked with lead actors from Game of Thrones and Stranger Things. Other clients include professional & collegiate athletes, grandmothers, and hundreds of everyday women.

In 2020, he successfully coached 5 women through their first USAPL Masters-level powerlifting meet, finishing with 5 medals.

Devin holds certifications from the National Strength & Conditioning Association, Precision Nutrition, Girls Gone Strong, and others. He has a B.S. in Kinesiology & Motor Behavior from Texas A&M University.

Devin teaches clients strength training to transform bodies, teach physical culture, and build self-confidence.  Devin has two Persian cats (Captain & Snooks), smokes Texas BBQ, and has attended over 100+ heavy metal concerts.

Women's Powerlifting Team

Gray Family Wedding

Book a 100% free, no-obligation discovery call and see if Radiate Fitness online coaching is right for you

What Makes Us Different

Focused on Women's Health & Fitness

We don’t feel that the “fitness industry” serves women very well. Especially not for moms and moms-to-be.

Women are the majority of personal training clients in the fitness industry. They’re twice as likely as men to hire a personal trainer and stick with it.

Even though women spend more on fitness, especially women in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, most fitness advice is geared towards men.

To change that, we made Radiate Fitness just for women.

We obtained specialty certifications in women’s fitness (GGS-1) and in Pre- & Post-Natal Fitness (CPPC) from global leader Girls Gone Strong.

Plus, we created a network of referral partners for women’s health, including OB-GYNs, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists, Registered Dietitians, Chiropractors, and Licensed Counselors.

We learn from them, lean on them for specific advice, and connect our clients with them. And we can find local practitioners to help our clients all over the world, too.

Inclusive & Body-Positive

We’re taking care not to present the over-sexualized fitness marketing and social media posts that are so common – especially with online personal training.

We believe that these unrealistic standards and social media posts often make women feel worse about their bodies.

Plus, we know from experience that even women who appear to be fit, strong, and “have it all” can be made to feel inadequate from social media.

Less selfies and professional fitness models.
More real clients and real people, flaws and all, working out and having fun.

Focused on Skills

We believe that meals plans and diets can be an effective tool, but that they’re not a long-term solution.

That’s why we coach our clients on skills, mindsets, and habits that set them up for a lifetime of success.

We get it, and we’ve experienced it – it’s hard to work out and eat right sometimes!

Life gets in the way. We empathize with our clients and help them by teaching them and helping them overcome their obstacles.

Strength Comes First

We believe, and we can back it up with the science, that strength training is the “missing link” in many women’s fitness routines.

Yoga, pilates, Zumba, and spinning all get plenty of love.. but what about good, old-fashioned strength training?

Strength training boosts your metabolism like nothing else – because it builds (and rebuilds) lean muscle mass.

It makes your bones stronger, your balance better, helps to lose fat, and even reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular illness.

We teach our clients the skills of strength training, and give them a new, life-long hobby as a result. That’s what our online personal training is all about.

We promise – it’s a lot more fun and rewarding than just doing burpees and jump squats to try to lose weight.

With strength training, you’re always proud of what you’ve accomplished and you can see, feel, and experience the progress day in and day out.

Your Own Team of Coaches

All clients get convenient access to not one, but two, coaches – right in their pocket.

Your team of coaches is there for you – to answer your questions, guide your progress, help you overcome plateaus, and keep you motivated as you achieve your goals.

This is one of the key advantages of online personal training: it’s easy to get help from your coaches when you need it.

Find Your Balance.

Feel Confident.

Get Fit.

Be Radiant.

Get started with a 100% free, no-obligation discovery call and find out if Radiate Fitness online personal training is right for you